Deepika Rao, Designer

As an American-born woman of Indian descent, Deepika has always been proud of both the cultures that are instilled in her. She believes that both Americans and Indians have an amazing sense of style, and when these two styles are brought together in the right way, something extraordinary can be created.

Deepika wishes to create a cultural duality between the traditional elements of Indian fashion and the modern, elegant silhouettes seen in American fashion. Her mission, through her namesake label, is to blend both cultures in a way that makes them look even better put together than apart, yet allows it to easily be able to transition between the two cultures.

Deepika’s aim is to help educate people about Indian culture via fashion by sharing her creative perspective of her culture so that everyone can learn to appreciate it. When a woman puts on an ensemble by Deepika Rao, she chooses to follow her heart, regardless of what the latest trends are. She becomes fearless in her style and makes a statement with her unique edge. She is always seeking to learn more about the world and share her experiences, making her a trendsetter in her own way.